Next Association Council Meeting

Annapolis-Digby Baptist Association Council will meet next on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22 in First United Baptist Church, Annapolis Royal at 8:59am.  See you there!

Kingswood Camp

Kingswood Camp

Randy and John, along with various volunteers continued through the winter to construct the interior of the Worship and Activity Centre at Kingswood Camp.

Now you have an opportunity to join Randy and John on fine spring weekdays to stain with rollers the boards that when dry will be screwed to the exterior wall strapping in order to create a weather tight building for use in the ongoing camping program at our Associations' Kingswood Camp on Lake George.  The structure is 90' x 50' x 16' so there are a lot of boards to stain and to screw into place.  Your help on fine weekdays this spring will contribute to the completion of the construction of this fine structure.

Wear clothing suitable for taking home with a sample of the stain stuck to it.  There are several rollers available at the site, and roller refills will be provided if you are able to bring your own roller handle.  Electric drills will be useful when screwing boards to the wall strapping.  Remember to bring a beverage and food for breaks and your lunch.

Ron Baxter, EVBA Clerk and Advocate for Kingswood Camp Building Project (902-542-2815)